The Art Gallery of Alnwick is more than a space to display artwork. It’s a place that we hope will inspire young and old to be creative and explore the artist within.

We want to use the gallery as a tool to involve the community with art. We aim to do this through inviting primary schools to be apart of workshops taught by our artists, which teach new techniques and instil in our children that no art is ‘bad’ art and mistakes or what we think are mistakes can be turned into something magical by delving into our imagination.

We want to use the gallery as a platform to encourage older children by displaying their work in a gallery. To plant the seeds of the commercial element of art so if they want to explore it as a career it seems like more of a viable option. Our artists share their own life stories to encourage, inspire and highlight the highs and lows of the artworld as a career.

To encourage art as a therapy. We exhibit some really special pieces from Collingwood, a nurturing school that uses art as a therapy for children who have a rainbow of mental health struggles. The escapism, art affords them, is incredibly powerful. We are working with them to develop pieces that have commercial value, using mediums and the magic talent they have to create great pieces of work.

Our space is full of artwork created by beautiful people who we believe in! We’ve curated a colourful space for big and little people to walk around, so they can absorb, the colour,texture, technique and beauty, enabling them to talk about and share their experience.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

Pablo Picasso