Caroline White

I’ve been a Professional Artist and Art Teacher for almost 20 years. Painting is my work, hobby and therapy.

My paintings are influenced and inspired primarily by my love of the outdoors. The changing seasons, the clouds, and the twists in a tree; observation helps to build a knowledge which can then transfer into a painting. Detail you don’t always get from a photograph.

To me… Painting is a journey, a path that should continue to unfold wonderful new visual and emotional experiences, staying in one place with my paintings would become dull. I therefore paint in a variety of styles and mediums and love experimenting with new techniques.

Much of my time is spent delivering classes and workshops. Teaching is something I’m passionate about. I love the process of sharing my knowledge and encouraging new painters, it’s a great way to relax and work your mind too. Painting is a skill and all you need is the time, the desire to get you started.

I undertake landscape, and animal commission works in a variety of mediums. For more information about my workshops and classes visit my website

Caroline White