Laura Scrimshaw

Northumberland-based artist Laura Scrimshaw has developed a recognisable and distinctive contemporary style with an impressionist influence. Having grown up in rural Northumberland, Laura is influenced by the stunning landscapes and seascapes of the local area and also enjoys individual studies of trees.

Laura was offered a place to study Fine Art at Newcastle University, but realised that the conceptual art course wasn’t really what she wanted. She devoted her time to enjoying her art as a hobby and was also encouraged by her maternal Grandmother, who was an accomplished artist. She enjoys using mixed-media combinations, which are often acrylic and watercolour paints, inks and sometimes mixing sand with the paint

Laura has a real love of the sea, so having the Northumberland coast on her doorstep has been a huge bonus. Her paintings whether abstract or more detailed and traditional, are atmospheric and expressive compositions.

Laura Scrimshaw Bamburgh Castle